ear trumpets

london dome #315

style london dome
brand Rein 108
based in UK
made 1885
earpiece Gutta percha
body Brass
horn Brass
horn dia 89 mm
length 134 mm
weight 149 gm
size show size show size
grille Scroll
marks F C Rein & Son Patentees & Sole Inventors & only maker 108 Strand London
ring No
adjustable no
condition Silver plate gone one good dent
acquired 2015
seller type Auction
found in Cirencester
country England
value show value show value
seller note A Victorian brass ear trumpet with open scrollwork grille and foliate engraved body
comment I could see from the photos this was a Rein and the earpiece is unusual - I think it was plated but it has all gone. Engraving is actually worn with use
shape bell
boxed no
gwrok yes
bay 2
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