ear trumpets

diaphragm #53

style diaphragm
brand Meyrowitz
based in USA
trademark Otophone
made 1888
earpiece Leatherette
body Ebonite
horn Ebonite
horn dia 75 mm
length 130 mm
weight 88 gm
size show size show size
grille None
marks E B Meyrowitz.N.Y 1C 2877
ring No
adjustable no
condition Excellent
acquired 2012
seller type Dealer
found in Fayetteville NC
country USA
value show value show value
seller note This brown ebonite 'Otophone' with a metallic diaphragm was patented in 1895 by inventor James A. Maloney. . The Otophone was manufactured by E. B. Meyrowitz, a New York City optician who started a surgical instrument company in the 1870s. 'EB Meyrowitz, N.Y.
comment Well catalogued type - got to have one !

Design patented by Maloney, also made by Globe
shape flare
boxed no
gwrok yes
bay 5
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