ear trumpets

curiosity #501

style curiosity
brand A & M
based in England
made 2019
earpiece solid silver
body solid silver
horn solid silver
horn dia 12 mm
length 102 mm
weight 56 gm
size show size show size
grille none
marks none found'
ring No
adjustable no
condition brand new
acquired 2019
seller type dealer
found in Zwickau
country Germany
value show value show value
seller note Tibet Silver Stethoscope Earpiece Hearing Pipe Sound Amplifier 10cm China Ear Tube. 60gm.
comment Could not resist this, because we have a Dragon in the family. Being silver it should hold it's value.
It is tagged GWR-omit and style=curiosity.
shape cone
boxed no
gwrok omit
bay 5
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