ear trumpets

london dome #441

style london dome
brand Hilliard
based in UK
made 1880
earpiece Missing
body Brass
horn Brass
horn dia 64 mm
length 114 mm
weight 67 gm
size show size show size
grille None
marks W B Hilliard & Son Renfield Street Glasgow
ring No
adjustable no
condition grille and earpiece missing
acquired 2018
seller type Retailer
found in Shrewsbury
country England
value show value show value
seller note A Hilliard & Son brass ear trumpet, 11cm, with a, Ideal Standard salesman model toilet of small proportions
comment I have not come across this maker and so a must have. Missed the item at a T&D sale but bought from the dealer after the auction.
Grille removal has made it non circular.
shape dome
boxed no
gwrok yes
bay 2
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