ear trumpets

london dome #438

style london dome
brand Unknown
based in
made 1917
retailer Unknown
earpiece Vulcanite
body Nickle plated
horn Nickle plated
horn dia 66x35 mm
length 87 mm
weight 95 gm
size show size show size
grille Scroll
marks 2
ring No
adjustable no
condition excellent
acquired 2018
seller type Auction
found in Prenzance
country U K
value show value show value
seller note A nickel ear trumpet, height 8cm, width 9cm.
comment I have two 'swans' marked differently with different grilles. The item is quite a different shape to the other two. At a budget, fine! Only one bidder after a left commission - me !
shape dome
boxed no
gwrok yes
bay 5
details on the terms may be found here