ear trumpets

london dome #418

style london dome
brand Lindsey
based in UK
made 1880
earpiece Ivory
body Nickle plated
horn Nickle plated
horn dia 72 mm
length 152 mm
weight 128 gm
size show size show size
grille Scroll
marks 3
ring No
adjustable no
condition quite good, earpiece cracked
acquired 2017
seller type Dealer
found in East Brisbane
country Australia
value show value show value
seller note An ear trumpet from the collection of a retired antique dealer.
It is made from plated brass and is in good condition with just a very minor dent to the body and a small piece broken away from the bone ear tip.

It is untouched and original. It is a total of 155mm high and the part which you speak into is 70mm across.
comment From the scroll this must be by Lindsey but it only has the mark '3'
Nice that it is plated.
shape bell
boxed no
gwrok yes
bay 3
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