ear trumpets

london dome #408

style london dome
brand North
based in USA
made 1887
retailer Unknown
earpiece Missing
body Nickle plated
horn Nickle plated
horn dia 78 mm
length 90 mm
weight 142 gm
size show size show size
grille Mesh
marks see read more
ring Yes
adjustable no
condition a bit bashed plating suffered - no earpiece
acquired 2017
seller type Individual
found in Carey OH
country USA
value show value show value
seller note Antique Pat 1883 Earphone Hearing Aid / Ear Trumpet Stephen North of Syracuse NY
comment I have nothing by this brand. So a must have addtion.
The trumpet has a ring on top - unusual for a london dome
read more link
shape bell
boxed no
gwrok yes
bay 2
details on the terms may be found here