ear trumpets

ladle #353

style ladle
brand Unknown
based in
made 1815
earpiece Brass
body Brass
horn Brass
horn dia 109 mm
length 407 mm
weight 306 gm
size show size show size
grille None
marks none found
ring No
adjustable no
condition bit bashed
acquired 2016
seller type Dealer
found in Colchester
country England
value show value show value
seller note An Unusual 19th Century Brass Hard of Hearing Ear Trumpet.
This unusual object i am told is an antique hard of hearing ear trumpet dating to the mid 19th century , the ear trumpet is made of brass has been hand made and has a seam running down the stem and a castle jointed seam underneath as shown in the photos, the stem is hollow and has a bobble on the end for comfort of fitting to the ear , the ear trumpet is tin lined as is the bobble, the ear trumpet measures 16 inches long with the bowl measuring 4.25 inches diameter , there are a few minor dents and tarnish marks with age and use but a nice interesting medical item from the past
comment I have a similar item but this one has larger base castellations and a hammered finish
shape straight
boxed no
gwrok yes
bay 1
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