ear trumpets

ear tube #333

style ear tube
brand Weimer
based in USA
made 1900
earpiece Silver plated
body Silver plated
horn Silver plated
horn dia 9x4 mm
length 24 mm
weight 4 gm
size show size show size
grille None
marks Weimar Co - Left & Right
ring No
adjustable no
condition good and in box
acquired 2016
seller type Individual
found in Muhlhausen
country Germany
value show value show value
seller note Horrohr Horgerät Ear Trumpet Ohrenstecker Medizin Schwerhorigkeit.
Ohrenstecker, Horhilfe, bzw. Mini-Horrohr der Firma Weimer (USA) ca. 1900-1930, linker und rechter Ohrenstecker in einem kleinem Etui. Schones Ausstellungsstück aus der zeit der Kurpfuscherei. Stethoscope Hearing Ear Trumpet Studs medicine deafness. Studs, hearing aid, or mini-stethoscope Weimer (USA) about 1900 to 1930, left and right ears plug in a small case.
Nice exhibit from the time of quackery.
comment I have nothing by this maker and fellow collector Lothar is a guaranteed source
shape weird
boxed yes
gwrok yes
bay 5
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