ear trumpets

diaphragm #271

style diaphragm
brand Aylsworth
based in USA
trademark Aylsworth
made 1905
earpiece Vulcanite
body Rubber
horn Vulcanite
horn dia 67 mm
length 338 mm
weight 99 gm
size show size show size
grille None
marks PAT JANY 24 05
ring No
adjustable in one plane only
condition Excellent
acquired 2015
seller type Dealer
found in Brooklyn NY
country USA
value show value show value
seller note Rare example of Aylsworth's 1905 Patent Ear Trumpet. An extremely rare example of A.W. Aylsworth's 1905 U.S. patent ear trumpet (No. 780,699), the patent for which was awarded on January 24, 1905. It is marked with patent date. Aylsworth's patent incorporates a spring-mounted diaphragm that extends into the base of the trumpet bell. The mechanism is shown in the patent drawing, a copy of which can be been in the second image. The actual diaphragm is visible in the third image. The bars on the sides of the tube are unquestionably original and prevent the internal spring from being bent to a point where it would affect the functioning of the diaphragm. More extensive information about the patent specifications can be easily obtained by entering the patent number at the US Patent Office Site or by simply Googling:'Ayslworth Ear Trumpet'. Length: 13.5in or 33.75 cm.We have been dealing in antique medical instruments, including ear trumpets, for more than three decades and this is the first example of an Aylsworth we have owned; more significantly, we cannot locate another example in any book, article or museum collection.
comment Seems to be VERY rare, I am unaware of a similar example
shape flare
boxed no
gwrok yes
bay 5
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