ear trumpets

con tube #220

style con tube
brand A & M
based in England
made 2000
retailer Unknown
earpiece Plastic
body Plastic
horn Plastic
horn dia 25 mm
length 370 mm
weight 260 gm
size show size show size
grille Mesh
marks COMMUNICATOR A&M Hearing Aids England
ring No
adjustable Colied lead
condition good
acquired 2014
seller type Individual
found in Norwich
country U K
value show value show value
seller note vintage hearing aid device
this is in good working order
comment A modern coversation tube, actually doesn't work as well as a good tube
If anybody has a leaflet I would love a photocopy
and I only paid 99p for this one !
shape weird
boxed no
gwrok omit
bay 3
details on the terms may be found here