ear trumpets

tragus #196

style tragus
brand American Earphone
based in Usa
trademark AUDISCOPE
made 1925
retailer Unknown
earpiece Vulcanite
body Vulcanite
horn Vulcanite
horn dia 60x40 mm
length 290 mm
weight 79 gm
size show size show size
grille None
ring No
adjustable earpiece rotates
condition Scratched
acquired 2013
seller type Individual
found in Dayton OH
country USA
value show value show value
seller note Audiscope Regular Ear Trumpet (Ear Horn) c.1925. The Audiscope (Regular) was manufactured by the American Earphone Co. Inc. of New York, NY around 1925, It is a two-section telescoping ear trumpet made of hard rubber. The bell is cut at an angle giving it a slightly-scooped appearance. The purpose of the scoop according to one catalogue is so that conversations may be carried on from the side and more convenient to use. Rear view of the extended Audiscope showing its flattened back side. This was designed to be carried easier. The name and manufacturer is engraved on the back of the piece(flat side). 11-5/8inch when extended out. 7 inches when collapsed
comment Tragus shaped telescopic - very much American
shape cone
boxed no
gwrok yes
bay 4
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