ear trumpets

london dome #167

style london dome
brand Unknown
based in
made 1900
retailer Unknown
earpiece Missing
body Copper
horn Copper
horn dia 58 mm
length 117 mm
weight 115 gm
size show size show size
grille Decorative
marks none found'
ring No
adjustable no
condition looks over cleaned
acquired 2018
seller type Individual
found in Longuyon
country France
value show value show value
seller note Authentique et rare SONOTONE / CORNET ACOUSTIQUE en cuivre - XVIIIe s.
Les premiers amplificateurs d’écoute, appelés tubes ou cornets acoustiques étaient fabriqués en cuivre. Leur système purement mécanique, inspiré du téléphone de Graham Belle breveté en 1876 leur permettait d'amplifier le son jusqu’à 100 décibels
Poids : 114 g
comment I really wanted this for the grille which is rare. Probably French in origin, I paid a good price after EBay offer was withdrawn
shape bell
boxed no
gwrok yes
bay 2
details on the terms may be found here