ear trumpets

london dome #147

style london dome
brand Franck Valery
based in Paris
made 1885
earpiece Silver plated
body Silver plated
horn Silver plated
horn dia 32x32 mm
length 107 mm
weight 93 gm
size show size show size
grille Scroll
ring No
adjustable extends
condition Good
acquired 2013
seller type Individual
found in Saginaw MI
country USA
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seller note This very rare French Paris-made extendable ear trumpet / hearing aid is in excellent condition, and I have been told that it is made of silver, and dates to the mid-19th Century. However, I am not sure of the metal, and I sell it 'as is', with no declaration of its metal...it could be polished steel, silver, or ??. It's a very cool piece, and I bought it 40 years ago in a New York junk shop. The earpiece slides/extends app. one inch, and rotates on its stem to allow for more flexibility for the user. Its sound 'intake' end is highly filagreed, and is stamped (as much as I can make it out): 'CH.F.VALERY / INSENIEURGONST(?) / (decoration) / MARQUE DEPOSEE PARIS' Though the ear trumpet is in excellent condition, this unique piece of medical history/memorabilia has a cloth-lined removable protective case (made of leather, perhaps??) that does have some condition problems/issues, including some tearing around one of the clasps, and the end piece has separated. This item and its case are in an 'as found' condition, and I leave any cleaning or case repair to its next owner. This item measures app. 3. 1/2in long, 1 7/8in tall, and 1 3/8in deep
comment Still looking for a catalogue depicting this item
shape straight
boxed yes
gwrok yes
bay 2
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