ear trumpets

dentaphone #100

style dentaphone
brand Dentaphone
based in USA
made 1895
earpiece none
body celluloid
horn celluloid
horn dia 285x234 mm
length 330 mm
weight 75 gm
size show size show size
grille none
marks The American Dentaphone Co Cincinnati,O Patd Mar9th 1880
ring no
adjustable folds
condition Excellent
acquired 2012
seller type dealer
found in Brooklyn NY
country USA
value show value show value
seller note I consider the Dentaphone, if not the Holy Grail of hearing aids, then certainly a piece of the True Cross--realizing that neither of these is usually found mint and boxed with instructions
comment Very rare item in pristine condition and with its box. I have one, WMU has one, I understand Phisick has one. The Hearing Aid Museum has TWO!

Deaf 3rd Reich and
Roy have one - any more ?

The little pin is to secure the cord when the plates are bent in use. The hinges are good as new. I have the original instruction sheets too
shape weird
boxed yes
gwrok omit
bay 4
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